Invisalign Treatment Financial Information

1. The cost of Invisalign orthodontic treatment may vary depending on the length of treatment and the number of aligners the Invisalign lab needs to fabricate.

2.   If you have dental insurance, then we will honor the orthodontic treatment fee set by your insurance company. In case your          insurance plan provides any benefits for orthodontic treatment, we will submit a pre-approval claim to your dental insurance in your behalf. The amount approved by your dental insurance will be applied towards the overall cost of the treatment and will reduce your out-of-pocket cost. 

3. The out-of-pocket balance for Invisalign treatment is due as follows:

50% of the balance is due at the initial Invisalign appointment and is non-refundable.

The rest of the out-of-pocket cost could be divided into 6 equal monthly payments.

4. As an alternative, Invisalign also offers patients financing for Invisalign treatment through their partner company called LendingPoint, which provides standard loans with the repayment terms up to 60 months as well as an interest free promotional loans with the repayment terms up to 24 months. The link to the LendingPoint financing application can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in applying for a loan, please use the following codes on your application:

Happy6 - 6 months interest free loan
Love12 - 12 months interest free loan
Free24 - 24 months interest free loan

5.  Initial Invisalign appointment: We will take impressions and photos of your teeth which will then be submitted to Invisalign lab. Invisalign will setup a computer simulation treatment plan animation video of your teeth before and after treatment called "ClinCheck". The doctor will review the Clincheck and make any necessary adjustments to the proposed treatment plan.

6. Once Invisalign lab receives approval of the treatment plan from the doctor, they will start making your aligners. Any changes or modifications to the aligners that might need to be done during the treatment with no additional cost.

7. In about 3 weeks after your initial appointment, Invisalign lab will ship-out your aligners to our office: As soon as we receive your case, we will contact you to schedule your next Invisalign appointment and deliver your first set of aligners.

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